Please read the following Terms & Conditions before booking any display vehicle for Skylive 2017:

• Entry to the Classic Cars, Bikes and Supercars area is only for pre-booked vehicles.
• Your vehicle can gain entry to the display area only between 7:45am and 9:45am on Saturday 27th May
• Any vehicle arriving after that time will be refused entry to the display.
• All display vehicles will not be allowed to leave until advised by the stewards….but no later than 6:00pm.
• Emergency exit arrangements will be in place should the need arise.
• A pre-booked vehicle will be allocated two free tickets for entry, only on acceptance of these Terms & Conditions
• Any additional passengers must book and pay for a ticket online at the Skylive website.
• The Skylive Airshow is open to the public from 10:00am until 5:30pm.
• Durham Tees Valley Airport is an active airfield and for safety reasons all visitors and exhibitors must comply with on-site signage and directions given by
Skylive staff at all times. Failure to comply is an arrestable offence under Article 73 of the Air Navigation Order 2005 and unauthorised entry to the operational area
will result In immediate expulsion from the airfield and will be considered a breach of these Terms and Conditions.
• All sites are on grass. Barbecues and fires are not permitted.
• No alcohol is permitted to bring on site, only 500ml water bottles allowed. Any other beverage will be confiscated.
• No dogs or animals will be permitted, except for official assistance dogs.
• Display areas will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.
• Each display vehicle applicant will be sent a uniquely numbered entry pass, prior to the event, which must be shown to the stewards on arrival at the Airport.
• Maximum vehicle speed on site is 10 MPH AT ALL TIMES.
• Security Although there will be a security presence within the site, all vehicle and items are left on site at the owner’s risk.
• Litter Al participants are asked to ensure that their site and immediate area around them be free from litter and refuse. We thank you for your co-operation
in this, as litter is a danger to aircraft.

If you accept these Terms & Conditions, and wish to download a BOOKING FORM, Click Here
All vehicles must be covered by suitable insurance to meet the needs of the Road Traffic Act, a valid test certificate
(if applicable) and a driving license can be produced by the person driving the vehicle, if required.

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